At Milligram, custom wax seals are very popular. People most often purchase them for wedding related correspondence or marketing/business communications. They can be used to add some elegant detail to a wedding invitation or flourish to a corporate gift.

Wax seals are available in symbols, in initials or create your own custom design. To have a better understanding of what are wax seals and different types of wax have a read of our previous post on this blog.

J Herbin wax seal, Milligram

To provide some wedding inspiration, we’ve experimented below with various wax seals and types of wax to showcase how you too can use them, with some tips along the way. We hope you’ll find your own inspiration and share them with us, we love to see your work!

How to use wax seals for wedding invitations

Whether you’ve decided on a casual, modern, bohemian or traditional theme for your special day, one thing is certain: you’re going to need some beautiful stationery  invitations, RSVP cards, and probably some thank-you notes to show your gratitude to guests for helping you celebrate. Wax seals are a little bit luxe, look eye-catching in the letterbox and on the fridge, and are a great way to add a personalised touch to your wedding correspondence. Wax Seal, Milligram It’s a good idea to keep your paper stock, colour palette, wax and font consistent across the suite, which will give you a streamlined look. Metallic wax – like these J.Herbin silver wax sticks for wax guns, or these gold flexible wax sticks – will add a glamorous, elegant edge to otherwise simple stationery.

Wax Gun Sticks Wax Seals, Milligram

Materials for wedding invitations & name cards

Materials to create wax seals

Tip: Wax can get a little bit messy – that’s all part of the fun! However, you don’t want to be making mistakes and getting the timing wrong on your gorgeous fine paper, so we’d suggest practicing on some scrap paper first.

Step 1: Assemble all your materials.

Wax seals, Milligram

Wax seal, MilligramStep 2: Load your wax gun with the wax stick and wait for it to heat.

Step 3: Use the gun to press out your wax via the trigger. Ensure you squeeze out enough wax to ensure a nice, deep impression. (One stick should give you 8-10 seals, depending on the size of your seal).

Wax seal, Milligram Wax seal, Milligram Wax seal, Milligram

Tip: When using the wax gun it’s a good idea to squeeze out some of the wax to make sure it’s hot enough. You’ll know when it’s getting too hot because the wax will start to come out without pressing the trigger and will create bubbles. To prevent this, turn the wax seal gun off at the power point.

Step 4: Hold down the wax seal for 3-4 seconds. Then remove and voila – your seal is done. Allow it to thoroughly cool before handling.

Wax seal, Milligram

Wax seal, Milligram

Tip: To ensure your wax seal comes out perfectly, leave the seal sitting in the wax until it’s hardened. Pulling it off any earlier can potentially rip the paper or leave residue wax on the seal. The wax is flexible, so it will suit correspondence as well as many craft projects.

Wax seal, Milligram

Powdered Inking Pads

A really great way to emphasise your wax seal is with a powdered inking pad. J.Herbin have some gorgeous colours in gold & silver.

To use the pad, gently press your seal on top of the inking pad before stamping it onto the wax. The powdered ink creates a deeper contrast in the design of your seal – the design of your seal will be the wax colour, and the background (flat wax) will be silver.

Wax seals with powder, Milligram

You’ll find in the above image (bottom seal) that if you don’t coat the seal in the powder evenly it can create an uneven coating.

Tip: Another great way to use the powdered inking pad is emphasising the wax seal instead of the background. You’ll find an example in the above image, second seal from the top. You can do this two ways – get a little messy and use your pinky to dab the powder directly onto the seal, once dry; or use a pencil with a round rubber and again dab the powder directly onto the seal.

Traditional Wax Stick with Wick

Wax sticks with wick, Milligram

Materials to create wax seals

As you can see from the above image, you’ll understand the importance of practicing your technique and timing on scrap paper before using the this traditional wax stick on your fine paper. It does take a little bit of precision and stability.

Tip: Rotate your wrists slightly in a circular motion to create an even coating, while slightly rotating the wax stick to enable an even distribution of the wax.

To stop the wax from excreting, simply blow out the flame and once the wax stops dripping, pull it away from your new seal. These wax sticks with a wick are a traditional type of wax that creates a matte finish. The texture is slightly more brittle so shouldn’t be sent via mail. A great excuse to hand deliver your invitation!

Tip: Another thing to note with this traditional wax is to let it cool down slightly – we suggest five seconds, or so. If you place the seal onto the wax too quickly it will be runny and won’t evenly distribute (case in point – image above!). Waiting a few seconds allows the wax to solidify slightly and will provide you with a much nicer and balanced wax seal.


Wax seals can be a little time-consuming but are so rewarding, they’re always sure to delight!

A final tip: If you are making quite a few wax seals be aware that the brass plate on the wax seal will get hot and will start to stick on the wax, which makes it difficult to pull off. A great idea is to place the seal in a glass full of ice to cool down. Wax seals on ice, Milligram

Want some more wedding invitation inspiration?

Wax Seal, Milligram

Wax Seal, Milligram Wax seal, Milligram

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