Moleskine diaries have helped thousands of people organise their lives, appointments and projects. But which Moleskine diary is the best one for you? We go through all the 2020 Moleskine diary layouts to help you pick the right diary for your needs.

Moleskine Monthly Diary

Moleskine’s Monthly Diary is perfect for when you need a quick snapshot of your month. Each month is spread across two pages, followed by extra pages of ruled paper between each month. This is a great diary for project and events planning.

Our pick: Moleskine – 2020 Soft Cover Monthly Diary – Large – Black

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Moleskine Daily Diary

If every day is a bit different for you, get yourself a Moleskine Daily Diary. It’s just like ruled notebook but with dates on each page. Its simple layout lets your write your daily to-do lists, scribble notes — or you can used it as a daily journal. The Moleskine Daily Diary also comes with a 12-month monthly overview at the start of the diary.

Our pick: Moleskine – 2020 Soft Cover Daily Diary – Large – Scarlet Red

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Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary

Great for keeping track of long and short term projects on a weekly basis, the Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary comes with a weekly overview on the left page and a side of note-taking space on the right. One of the most popular diary layouts in the Moleskine range, this diary is ideal for people whose workload is both task and deadline oriented.

Our pick: Moleskine – 12 Month 2020 Limited Edition Star Wars Diary Weekly Notebook Large – Falcon

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Moleskine Weekly Horizontal Diary

Get a quick glance of your week with the Moleskine Weekly Horizontal Diary. Showing your week over a two-page spread, the horizontal layout also comes with lined sections under each day so you have ample space for notes and recording appointments.

Our pick: Moleskine – 2020 Hard Cover Diary – Weekly Horizontal – Large (13 x 21 cm) – Black

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Moleskine Weekly Vertical Diary

Displaying the week across a two-page spread, the Weekly Vertical Moleskine Diary is designed for people who have lots of appointments and meetings on a weekly (even daily) basis. This layout even details each hour of the day so you can properly block out your day and get your work done.

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Moleskine Professional Weekly Vertical Diary

Similar to the Weekly Vertical Diary, the Moleskine Professional Weekly Vertical Diary shows a week over a two-page spread. The vertical layout gives you an hourly breakdown of your day and includes some space on the side for notes.

Our pick: Moleskine – 2020 Hard Cover Diary – Professional Weekly Vertical – A4 – Black

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No matter how you like to stay organised, there’s a Moleskine diary that’ll be a dream companion to carry with you through 2020. Or maybe you can have two – one professional and one personal, or one for you and one for the whole family! The possibilities are endless with Moleskine.

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